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Vintage Stereo Sales and Service
Warranty and Quality Control

We warranty all sales and service for 90 days!

Quality Control Protocols-

All sale items go thru a four department quality control protocol check.

Here's how it works.

The unit is initially tested when it is acquired by us. The technician notes any issues or problems and then passes the unit to our service department.

A service technician disassembles the unit and completely cleans-details and repairs any issues and then begins the restoration process. Depending upon age and use, the restoration process will include completely replacing all electrolytic capacitors, any obvious heat stressed components; including resistors, regulators and transistors. All output transistors are pulled and checked, the old heatsink grease is removed and new applied. The amplifier section is then rebiased and dc offset is checked. AM/FM Tuner alignment is checked and re-aligned as necessary. Quality control paperwork is noted with a series of tests performed checking all functions and controls of the unit along with notes of any physical issues.

The unit is then sent to inventory where it is tested again, photographed and weighed. An inventory listing is created, the unit is tagged put into inventory and the listing is posted to the website.

When the item is sold, it is pulled from inventory goes to quality control where a technician performs a final quality control protocols check list prior to the unit going to shipping.
In order to guaranty that your new purchase will work properly when you receive it!

Our Warranty and Disclaimer-

All equipment sold or serviced is warranted for 90 days from the date it is received by you. All items sold have passed our four department quality control protocols.

In the event that this unit would require service under warranty.
SoundsClassic agrees to service this unit at our repair facility located at the above address. Where as any necessary Parts and Labor costs will be covered at our expense, provided there is a problem and unit has not been abused in any fashion, opened and/or worked on by another person or service facility or damaged in shipping.
This unit has been thoroughly tested and inspected prior to shipping it to you. Any damage to the box or the unit itself should be reported immediately to the carrier and the shipper.
All electronics are shipped double boxed and insured.

*Do not throw the shipping boxes or packing away!
Units returned for any reason, must be returned in the original boxes the way they were shipped. Also, *insurance claims by the carrier will not be paid unless the original shipping boxes and packing can be inspected.
All returned equipment is subject to a 15% restocking fee and all return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
Under NO circumstances will the original Shipping or Freight Costs be reimbursed, unless thru an insurance claim by the carrier, due to damage or loss in shipping.

We buy, sell, trade, service and restore
fine quality pre-owned vintage stereo and
high-end hi-fi audio electronics.

"Quality that is meant to last a Lifetime!"

*We specialize in previously enjoyed, pre-owned stereo audio electronics!

It's our Passion!

Buy from someone you can trust!
Buy from experienced technical service!
Buy from, Its guaranteed!

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