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How to Inquire About Repair or Restoration Services From Soundsclassic

Our main business at Sounds Classic and Video Lab, Inc.
has always been electronic service. We stock a huge inventory of specialized parts and service information
and our expertise in the field of electronic service is unsurpassed. All items sold or serviced through our organization come with a 90 day warranty.

If you are interested in getting your audio or video
product serviced by us, an estimate fee of $40.00 is
paid at the time the unit is sent to us. This estimate fee
is applied to the final repair bill. We will contact you
with an estimate prior to repairing your item. All shipping and Insurance fees are the customers responsibility.

Please contact us ahead of time to make sure that we
will work on your particular item. We do not work on
Low-fi stereo or video equipment! If it cost less than
$200.00 it is considered disposable.
Many new "Made in China" electronics are disposable (please, don't waste your $money$ or our time!)

We look forward to helping you!

To Inquire about Service (click here!)

Please contact us before sending Vintage Stereo Equipment in for Service, Repair or Restoration.
Rockford IL. - Chicago IL. Area
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Chicago areas largest servicer of
Vintage Stereo Equipment!

a subsidiary of SoundsClassic and Video Lab, Inc.
4444 Center Terrace Rockford IL. 61108
Hours: Closed on Mondays
Open Tue-Fri 10am-6pm & Sat 10am-3pm cst.

Our email address is:

*We specialize in the restoration of previously enjoyed,
preowned vintage stereo hi-fi electronics!

It's our Passion!

We recone Speakers, we service Turntables and Reel-to-Reels,
we repair High-end Audio and Tube Electronics.

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12/18/16 MP

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