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TECHNICS SL-J33 Turntables

TECHNICS SL-J33 Turntables

Item: 3485
Manufacturer: TECHNICS
Model: SL-J33
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 150
Nice Late 80's Vintage Linear TrackingTechnics SL-J33 Full Automatic Programable Direct Drive Turntable w/ Shure D33 Cartridge with New Needle and interconnect. Small Compact Profile. Nice Dust Cover. Ex.Cond 8.7

PIONEER PL-41 Turntables

Item: 3483
Manufacturer: PIONEER
Model: PL-41
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 150
Early 70's Vintage Pioneer PL-41 Belt Drive Auto-Return Turntable with New Audio-Technica AT3600 Cartridge in a Beautiful Walnut Wood Base. No Dust Cover. Ex.Cond 8.5

THORENS TD-125 MKII Turntables

THORENS TD-125 MKII Turntables

Item: 3462
Manufacturer: THORENS
Model: TD-125 MKII
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 995
Beautiful, Early 70's Vintage Thorens TD-125 MKII Transcription Turntable with Thorens Tonearm. Very Heavy Plinth and Wood Base! Dust Cover has some minor scratches. New Belt, Interconnect and Stanton 780 Cartidge w/4DQ Needle and Dust Bug Arm Included. Ex.Cond 8.9

PROJECT ONE DR-890 Turntables

PROJECT ONE DR-890 Turntables

Item: 3458
Manufacturer: PROJECT ONE
Model: DR-890
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 450
WOW!! Super Clean 1970's Vintage 'Top of the Line' Project One DR-890 Fully Automatic Quartz Lock Direct Drive Turntable in Heavy Rosewood Base with Empire 2000Z Cartridge. Very Nice Dust Cover. Ex.Cond 9.0

HITACHI HT356 Turntables

Item: 3442
Manufacturer: HITACHI
Model: HT356
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 225
Very Nice Hitachi Direct Drive Semi-Automatic Turntable w/Strobe Speed Control and Audio-Technica AT-14s Cartridge. Nice Dust Cover, has some minor scratches and spotting. Ex.Cond 8.7

KENWOOD KD-1600 Turntables

Item: 3427
Manufacturer: KENWOOD
Model: KD-1600
Condition: (7.0-8.4) Fine
Price $ 100
Early 80's Kenwood KD-1600 Auto-Return belt drive Turntable with New AT3482p Cartridge and Drive Belt. Good Starter Table for Someone Maybe Just getting into Vinyl. Rebuilt in good working order, however several nicks and scratches. In Fine Condition 7.5

YAMAHA PX-3 Turntables

Item: 3339
Manufacturer: YAMAHA
Model: PX-3
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 695
Superb Super Clean Mid 80s Vintage Yamaha Fully Automatic Linear Tracking Turntable with New AT3600 Cartridge. Super Clean Clear Dust Cover. Ex.Cond 9.0

TEAC TN-550 Turntables

Item: 3211
Manufacturer: TEAC
Model: TN-550
Condition: (10) Mint
Price $ 899
The TN-550 is Teacís new High-end Analog Turntable combines Sleek Style with Superior performance as an Analog  Audiophile Turntable. Features: a Marble Pinth Base, Acrylic Platter, PRS3 Precision Speed Control, PC-Triple C Wiring,  AT100E Cartridge. Condition-New factory Sealed.

LXI 564.97991450 Turntables

Item: 3169
Manufacturer: LXI
Model: 564.97991450
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 100
Late 80's Sears LXI Brand (Made by Technics) Fully Automatic, Belt Driven Linear Tracking Turntable w/AT3482p Cartridge. Ex.Cond 8.8

SONY PS-LX250 Turntables

Item: 3142
Manufacturer: SONY
Model: PS-LX250
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 85
Newer Inexpensive Sony Fully Automatic, Belt Drive Turntable with New AT3600 Cartridge. Nice Dust Cover. Ex.Cond 8.8

C.J.Walker CJ-55 Turntables

Item: 2729
Manufacturer: C.J.Walker
Model: CJ-55
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 400
Nice High-End Table, Poor Man's Linn. Belt Driven, Full Manual Turntable with Heavy Walnut Wood Base with Pickering DAT2 Cartidge on Walker Tone Arm. Dust Cover is Cracked (see pix), has been glued back together. Ex.Cond 8.5

HARMAN KARDON ST-7 Rabco Turntables

Item: 2698
Manufacturer: HARMAN KARDON
Model: ST-7 Rabco
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 750
Very Rare and Super Clean HK Rabco ST-7 Full Manual, Linear Tracking Turntable in Brushed Aluminum w/ AT3482p Cartridge. Very Nice Dust Cover, small crack by right rear hindge. In the Original Box and Packing with Owners & Set-up Manuals. New Belts, Lube & Interconnect. Ex.Cond 9.2