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MARANTZ SLT-12 Turntables

Item: 4510
Manufacturer: MARANTZ
Model: SLT-12
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 1250
WOW! Incredibly Rare Vintage Late 60's/ Early 70's Marantz SLT-12 Linear Tracking Turntable. No Dust Cover. Shure M74 Cartridge. Ex. Cond. 9.0

SHERWOOD ST-887R Turntables

Item: 4474
Manufacturer: SHERWOOD
Model: ST-887R
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 125
Nice Late 80's Sherwood Fully Automatic Direct Drive Turntable w/AT142LP Cartridge. Dust Cover Does Not Stay Up. Ex.Cond 8.6

ION IPT-01USB Turntables

Item: 4433
Manufacturer: ION
Model: IPT-01USB
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 200
Newer ION IPT-01 USB Portable Turntable. Great for copying LPs to your Computer or Portable DJ Sessions. Includes USB Cable and Power Supply. Ex.Cond 9.0

HK T60C Turntables

Item: 4397
Manufacturer: HK
Model: T60C
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 385
Beautiful Early 80's Vintage Harman Kardon T60c Full Manual w/ Auto-Lift, Belt Drive Turntable w/AT91 Cartridge. Nice Clean Dust Cover. 45 Adaptor. Ex.Cond 8.9

THORENS TD-125MKII Turntables

Item: 4389
Manufacturer: THORENS
Model: TD-125MKII
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 1750
Beautiful, Early 70's Vintage Thorens TD-125 MKII Transcription Turntable w/ Shure SME 3009 Tone Arm. Very Nice Dust Cover. New Belt and Shure V15 Type III Cartidge. Ex.Cond 9.0

B&O 1700 Turntables

Item: 4363
Manufacturer: B&O
Model: 1700
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 350
Nice Early 80's Bang and Olufsen 1700 Beogram Automatic Belt Drive Turntable w/ 20EN Cartridge. Nice Dust Cover. New Belt. Ex.Cond 8.9

ONKYO CP-1036A Turntables

ONKYO CP-1036A Turntables

Item: 3665
Manufacturer: ONKYO
Model: CP-1036A
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 100
Mid 80's Onkyo CP-1036A QLDD, Auto-Return TT w/ New AT3600 and Interconnect. Nice Dust Cover, unfortunately Missing Hindges, Priced accordingly. Ex.Cond 8.9